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Welcome to TREE 189 Engineering CO.,LTD



     We realize how importance of developing the potential of our employees. So that, we sent our employees to training in every opportunity to up skill their knowledge and ability to work, that will develop our company to be better in the future.

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        Joined TRUE Business Forum 2014 (May 21,2014)

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What is the event about

Leading Asia’s info-communications technology

    Recognised by industry professionals, CommunicAsia continues to strengthen and stay relevant in the ever-changing info-communications technology industry where disruptive new entrants and technologies are redefining the way the world communicates. 

    The event showcases a comprehensive range of the latest IT products, technologies and solutions – addressing the ENTIREICT ecosystem from 4G / LTE, AR and innovations, content security management, FTTx, mobile apps, mobile broadband, mobile devices, RF and cables, as well as telecom energy and power system. 

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    As part of CommunicAsia2014, SatComm2014 is the choice business platform for the satellite community where it highlights pertinent industry developments and explores emerging trends in satellite communication. 

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    Catch the 25th edition of the CommunicAsia2014 Summit for additional insights into the ICT industry, where innovation will continue to evolve around the needs of these increasingly discerning individuals. 

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    Held concurrently with EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia2014, CommunicAsia2014 is also Asia’s premier business platform and launchpad for the global ICT industry, providing enhanced networking opportunities for industry professionals from around the world.

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 Not only the  knowledge and seeing new technology products but we traveled about around Singapore, wonderful place! Thus, this trip gave us both of knowledge and happiness at the same time!

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    Thank you Tree 189 Engineering for wonderful trip!


Installation DOCSIS


      July, 2014.  We  installed DOCSIS  for Elio Del-Ray Condominium.(assigned from True corporation 
Elio_building3.jpg   elio1.jpg

elio2.jpg   elio5.jpg

For the best Quality of our job. We surveyed at Elio Del-ray before starting job in order to pre-check and plan to work in the future.

elio4.jpg   elio6.jpg

  We have our plan work and we have done it in time. Quickly and Quality! 

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August, 2014.  We  upgrade DOCSIS  for Magnolia Condo.(assigned from True corporation ) 

Picture24.jpg  Picture25.jpg   Picture26.jpg

Run Optic Fiber underground and Installed ODF.

Picture35.jpg    Picture36.jpg 

 Installed ODF Wall mount and Rack mount.

Picture37.jpg Picture38.jpg


September, 2014.  We  installed DOCSIS  for The Link Vano Condominium.(assigned from True corporation ) 

                             Picture19.png  Picture20.jpg  Picture21.jpg

Wiring RG11 Cable above ceiling.

Picture22.jpg  Picture18.jpg






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